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"But why aren’t you hysterical?"

I wonder if this has always been true: When things start to go awry, we get frustrated at leaders (or employees or co-workers) who seem to be calmly considering the options and doing their best work instead of hyperventilating. The…

How to Create Mobile Marketing As Unique As Your Users:  Your users are unique, so your mobile marketing should be, too. Indeed, since mobile consumers expect a curated and individualized experience, your mobile marketing should be perfectly personalized in order to truly engage them. You can do this with information provided by consumers over mobile. Most of us check our phones over a hundred times […]

How to Structure a Longform Landing Page for Maximum Conversions

Longform sales pages have recently become more popular. Marketers have realized that the short-and-easy capture forms may not be enough to encourage a conversion. Lots of content is powerful and compelling. Big landing pages can mean big conversions. But how do you organize this content? For example, the sales page for Marketing Bullets has nearly […]

You’re right, they’re wrong, but they won

Why is that? Is the world so unfair? Actually, it might be because the other guys took the time and invested the effort to build a movement. They showed up, every time, again and again. They never contemplated that they…

Electric Bikes: Gateway Drug to Bike Commuting?:  What would the world be like if almost anybody could ride a bike effortlessly, at any speed they choose, regardless of physical fitness, hills, headwinds, or drag from the bike trailer full of kids and groceries?  What if even those of us who are not athletes could get all the glorious benefits of cycling including invincible […]

Two ad campaigns of the moment

I don’t usually write about these, because they’re almost always over produced and riskless affairs promoting me-too and banal products. But, consider this new book promo from O/R. They’re also giving 20% off to Google employees, which is a clever…

Everything You Need to Know About the Psychology of the Call to Action

Every web marketer knows about the call to action. But how many web marketers really understand the call to action? The answer, I’m afraid, is not very many. The call to action has a fascinating psychology behind it that includes width, color, border size, copy, and cool CSS effects. Yet, at the same time, this […]

The sophistication of truth

A common form of complexity is the sophistication of fear. Long words when short ones will do. Fancy clothes to keep the riffraff out and to give us a costume to hide behind. Most of all, the sneer of, “you…

Wishing vs. doing

By giving people more ways to speak up and more tools to take action, we keep decreasing the gap between what we wish for and what we can do about it. If you’re not willing to do anything about it,…

3 Techniques That Will Double Your Social Media Content with Half the Effort

Too often, doing social media can become a pain. This is especially true for startup environments, run by busy people with more “important” things to do than post on Twitter and check on Facebook engagement levels. But we all know, deep down inside, that social media is important. And we know that we have to […]